Hello, and thank you for tuning into Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel. Today I’m gonna talk to the general public about the coronavirus. First off, I just hope that everybody’s family is healthy and safe out there. The coronavirus has created a huge panic amongst the general population. Instead of panicking and worrying about stuff we can’t control, Mark Twain said it best “Worry is a debt that can’t be paid.” We need to really focus on the facts out there and what we can do. We need to lead through this. You know, we need to be able to give back and help people that are in need. There’s a lot of small businesses struggling, we have seniors out there that can’t get medicine. We need to call, check on our current and past clients, family members, neighbors, friends, relatives, and see if we can’t help them. Maybe they need somebody to go to the store. Pick up meals from a restaurant, pick up medicine. Maybe somebody lost their job. Maybe we can drop off a box of cereal to help them for breakfast tomorrow morning. You know, there’s strength in numbers out there folks and if we band together, we’ll get through this. We need to not hoard staple items so that other people have a chance of getting supplies as well. I’m just asking everybody to support the local community. If you can order to go item, or to go meals from local restaurants. They’re only allowed to sell that they’re struggling, they have employees too. Support your local stores. Instead of ordering online, these merchants have very little for floor traffic today unless your grocery store. Let’s not just bury your head in the sand, watch the news all day and be on the defense. Let’s go on the offense Let’s help our community. And the ones that are in need. We’re all in this together, and we can beat this, it’s going to pass. You know, I would never ask anybody to put themselves in harm’s way. Now please use your best judgment to stay healthy. But let’s go out there and help people and let’s make a difference. Thanks for watching today.