Hello and thank you for tuning in to Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel. I want to welcome everybody to 2020 it’s gonna be an exciting year. There’s been a lot of movement in real estate across the entire spectrum. Out here in Katy we’re seeing turn all kinds of dirt, whether it’s residential or commercial. Today’s topic of interest is going to be some historic sales. I know everybody craves data. So I’ve broken it down for Katy sales for 2018 and 2019 to the zip codes, so that we can kind of forecast what’s going to go on for 2020. 2018 in the zip code 77494, the volume was 2117 homes sold, with an average price of $366,305 and then average days on market to sell, 54. 2019 in the same zip code 77494, sales were up 2173 total volume sold, average price $368,267, days on market same, 54. So we saw a price increase and volume increase, and it’s still turning way into 2020. 77450 zip code, we had 978 sales. Average sold price to $284,887 and then days to sell on market comes in at 39. 2019 sales increased again, 994 sales for the year. Price, big jump here, $296,513 average sales price, days on market did go up a little with that, at 43. Zip code 77494, for total volume for 2018, 1584, average sale price, $188, 82 with days on market at 36. For 2019 total volume, 1618. The average sales price, again, big jump $195,654 average sales price per home, days on market went down they’re moving faster at 33 days on market. Katy zip code 77493, 2018 1061 homes sold average price, $288,433, average days to sell on market, 69. 2019, big jump in home sales as well, 1537. The average price did dip a little went down to $282,652 and then average days on market went to 67. And now in 493, there is some new built in there is some lower end homes that are coming into play. So that’s part of the price adjustment for 2019 in the 493 zip code. If you would like something to drill down deeper to the neighborhood, price per square foot, days on marke,t love to schedule a time to meet with you. We’re going to help you sell your house for more money. We’re gonna help you sell it faster, and with less hassle. If you’re looking to purchase. We’re going to help you find the right home, at the right price in the right timeframe. If you wouldn’t please like and subscribe to our channel. You can reach us at 832-646-2886, or on the Internet redlionrealtygroup.com We look forward to working with you. Thanks.