Hello and thank you for tuning into Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel. Today we’re at Supreme Lending with Denise Tomasini, the Branch Manager and the topic of discussion today is why rent versus buy. Denise Do you have a couple things that you could share with us in reference to that?

Absolutely, I’d love to. So the first thing that I want to share is, why would you rent when you can own a home? Today the cost of rent is more expensive than the cost of purchasing a home in most cases. You are getting the tax shelter, the tax benefit, you’re building equity, With rent you’re just throwing your money away every month and at the end of the year, you have nothing of a tax benefit nor have you invested into anything. Owning a Home is an asset, and you’re again, you’re building equity. Absolutely

What are some of the programs that we have available for the consumers today?

So the programs that are available and the most common are FHA, VA and Conventional and all three of these programs work very well with all of your down payment assistance and grant money, which makes housing very affordable for the consumer. There is no reason that you would pay rent and not purchase with what’s available to you today, and the money is readily available.

When should the consumer reach out to the lender?

As soon as possible and actually the consumer should reach out to the lender before they actually reach out to their realtor, because you want to know, you want to have your your financial map kind of your business plan. How much can I afford, where do I want my monthly payment to be, what areas should I be looking at as far as what’s affordable to me? So it’s very important that you get started as early in the process as possible, so you’re aware of what’s available and what financing is available. Now you have your financial plan so your realtor knows what to take you out and show you for your home.

That’s a lot of great information. If you have further information or questions please feel free to reach out to Denise at Supreme Lending, you can email her or give her a call at…

So 713-829-8981 would be my cell phone, our office is 281-968-3651. We’re here at Supreme Lending here in Houston Katy area at 16000 Park Ten Place Drive, Suite 102, and we’re in the 77084 zip code so right here kind of in the energy corridor and love to speak with you, just to answer questions. And no agenda, just there to help you, advise you, and start the consumer with getting a some professional and the right information to start. Thank you so much.

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Thank you. Thanks, Richard.