A BIG Shout out to Outdoor Insurance Services Team! Thanks again for all of the help and support with our insurance claim. Give them a call at 832-497-5312 or email: frankhursh@outdoorinsuranceservices.com or www.outdoorinsuranceservices.com

Hello, thank you for tuning into Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel. If you would, please like and subscribe and hit the notification buttons, that way you don’t miss any of the videos that we put up. Today is going to be a shout out to Outdoor Insurance Services. I just want to say thanks to Frank Hursh and his team. For those of you that know me and my family, our son Brian was actually in a bad car accident back in July. The car, did get totaled. Thank the Lord he’s fine. He walked away without a scratch. However, the car was hit so hard on the driver side that the passenger rear door was missing. But again, thank God he walked away without a scratch. But Frank and his team, they helped us with the claim, they helped us with the rental car, they helped us with the settlement to get us more money. They helped us extend the rental car because there’s a shortage of vehicles out there today. And on top of that, he followed up and made sure that we got our deductible back after they settled with the trucking company that hit us. So, again, they were there every step of the way. I highly recommend, if you’re thinking about making a change, whether it’s car insurance, homeowners insurance, Frank and his team will do a great job. I’ve known him and his family and worked with him for years, feel free to reach out to him. Again, this is a shout out to Frank Hursh and Outdoor Insurance Services, you can reach them on their business line, 832-497-5312. Their website is www.outdoorinsuranceservices.com , reach out to them and have them look at your policies if they don’t save you money I’d be highly surprised. Thanks for tuning in, we’ll talk soon.