Thank you for tuning into Red Lion Realty’s Tube Channel. Today we’re with Leslie Novak from Frontier Title. And we’re going to discuss what is a RON signing? Leslie, could you elaborate a little bit?

Guys, we are talking about remote online notarization, for short RON’s. So these are options that we have that we are able to utilize for signers to do a signing, as it states, online. This is done through a video feed, through service. It’s a really, really wonderful tool for us to be able to use, especially in our current climate and help clients get signed with a remote video feed.

It’s really limitations to this or who can use this type of software?

So, there are a few things that we do have to double check. We have to make sure the lender and the title company, which, at Frontier, we certainly do, all accept a RON signing. And then you will need certain, a computer or phone, you can use both of those to do through an app where you will meet with your notary in a video feed. One of the items you are going to need is going to be your ID, and you’re going to need at least a year about a year of credit history so that the identity software can know who’s signing those documents.

I’m excited about this technology because I’ve actually have people overseas right now that will be closing next week, and it’s allowing this transaction to go through. Where typically, you would have to go to a US embassy, do a power of attorney, have somebody over here sign. So this streamlines the process for all parties involved. I mean what a great tool.

It is. It’s a wonderful tool and you have those out of the country that you also run into time zone issues. The way these RON’s work is it’s set up for a certain day and when that person is ready to sign their documents they’re able to log in and get that done on their timeframe. So it is a great tool especially with that time zone.

It is. We were talking with the experts today. If you would please reach out to us you can catch me at  or on my cell phone, 832-646-2886, and you can reach Leslie Novak with Frontier at…

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