Preparing Your House for Sale

These tips can help your home show better than other competing listings.



  • Clean off any dirt or mold – use a power washer, if necessary.
  • Re-Paint, if necessary.
  • Have the roof inspected for leaks, missing shingles, low spots, flashing, etc. Repair as needed.
  • Check doorbell operation.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Clean the front door, walls, porches, decks, patios and remove all knick-knacks.
  • Replace broken screens, lamps, light bulbs, as necessary.
  • Clean and check gutters for proper drainage.
  • Install new door mats.


  • Remove anything that is unnecessary from the yard.
  • The front of your property should be lush and green.
  • Put down weed and feed to eliminate any weeds.
  • Have any overgrown trees and bushes trimmed and cleaned out.
  • Clean the walk ways.
  • Manicure the lawn.
  • New black mulch for flower beds and around trees.
  • New flowers will also help.
  • The yard should look professionally maintained.
  • No vehicles in drive way during any showings.


  • Have the house totally cleaned.
  • Remove all valuables.
  • Place air freshener’s through out the house.
  • Remove everything that you can and place in storage.
  • Remove all family displayed photos (depersonalize the house.)
  • Warm up the house with a couple of plants.
  • Make sure all lights work and are bright.
  • Clean all ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Install new HVAC air filters and clean intake grates.
  • Clean, paint or replace AC vents.
  • Clean all mop boards.


  • Fix any painting/picture holes and touch up paint.
  • Make sure rooms are a neutral color and repaint if needed.
  • Clean fingerprints off of light switches and walls.
  • Clean all electrical outlets.
  • Make any cabinet repairs needed.


  • Check that all appliances are operational.
  • Remove and clean under stove, fridge, washer and dryer.
  • Spruce up cabinets with furniture polish.
  • Counter tops should be clean and shiny.
  • Check all faucets for drips and under sink waterlines for leaks.
  • Check hood vent operation and clean.
  • Make sure kitchen floor is as shiny as possible (wash and wax.)
  • Sink should be clear of dishes and clean.
  • Fridge should be clear of all stick on calendars, photos etc.


  • Check for any water stains, sheet rock damage and repair as necessary.
  • Paint and touch up as needed.
  • Remove all cob webs.
  • Clean all crown molding.


  • Replace if worn looking, and use neutral colors.
  • Have professionally steam cleaned.
  • Have carpet stretched if needed.


  • Check for proper drainage in the tubs and sinks.
  • Check for drips and under sink leaks.
  • Clean mirrors, counter tops, sinks, tubs, and commodes. Remove any mildew.
  • Clean or replace caulk.
  • Check cabinet and drawer operation. Repair as needed.
  • Remove everything from counters.
  • Shine the floor (wash and wax.)


  • Check all doors for squeaks and oil as needed.
  • Check that all doors close properly.
  • Check that all locks work.
  • Touch up paint if needed.
  • Check exterior doors as well.


  • Check operation of all windows, fix as needed.
  • Clean all windows and ledges.
  • Open windows and clean the sills.


  • Clean and put a couple of logs on the grate.
  • Check screen and door operation.
  • Remove the fireplace tools.
  • Repaint if needed.


  • Clean and organize. Put everything you can in boxes.
  • Check garage door opener operation and safety sensors.
  • Make sure bulbs are bright.
  • Wash concrete floor to remove any spots.
  • Clean light switch cover.
  • Move what you can to a storage unit.


  • Clean and put everything in boxes.
  • Check light operation.
  • Clean whatever is possible.
  • Check stair operation.
  • Check for rodents, have professionally removed if needed.