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8 Tips to Hiring a Good Realtor to Sell Your Home

The sale of your home may be one of your largest transactions

  1. Business decision, not a personal one
    Selling a home is not easy in today’s environment. You need to hire a professional that can give you good, honest advice. Even if it is not what you want to hear.
  2. Ask for a referral
    You probably have a friend or relative that can recommend a good Realtor.
  3. Interview Realtors
    Most Realtors hate this tip. This usually consists of their marketing plan, background, background on their brokerage and a valuation of your property.
  4. Should you hire a superstar agent?
    Just because Realtor 1 sells more than Realtor 2 don’t, assume that Realtor 1 will give you better service or put more money in your pocket. Sometimes the bigger agents don’t give as good of service. Would you rather be one of five listings or one of fifty?
  5. You get what you pay for
    The market decides what, is a fair commission. If it was unfair the general public would not use Realtors. Most of the general public would be surprised to see how many expenses are involved in running a real estate company.
  6. Don’t let the Realtor buy your listing
    Realtors are fighting to get listings and they could tell you an unrealistic price for your home just so you list with them. Make any agent you interview substantiate their valuation with market facts, data and trends. Often times, the Realtor with the lowest valuation is your best choice because they are most honest or in tune with the market.
  7. Interview a Realtor that works your area
    If possible, make sure to speak to a Realtor that farms your neighborhood. Many agents only work a small niche and do it well. It is good to have a specialist on your side.
  8. Second guess
    Be cautious of Realtors who tell you everything you want to hear. I would rather be told the truth versus what I wanted to hear only to find out the truth later. Some Realtors are total “yes” people and lead you believe, what you want to believe, just to get your listing.

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