Good afternoon friends and family. My name is Denise Tomasini with Supreme Lending. I’d like to introduce Richard Luebeck with Red Lion Realty and the pleasure of our customers here today Dennis and Gail. We met them in June of last year at an open house that Richard and I were hosting and closed and funded their loan in February of this year. Dennis and Gail would love to tell you their story today and just their overall experience with myself and Richard.

Hi, I’m Gail. We met, as Denise had said, we met in June of last year, and we set up an appointment with Denise to see where we were financially in buying a home and she told us we were ready and given us our limit. And we were very pleased with her and with Richard but being new first time homeowners, we thought we could go out there and find our own home, and then just come back to them and go okay we’re ready. And so we went to a lot of different homebuilders because we were looking for a new home. And we also had found another realtor that we thought we were very comfortable with, which was a very bad experience. Everybody we went to said that we were we weren’t ready to own a home that we weren’t financially ready that they wanted like gobs of money for down payments and things, and we get in our backs of our minds we kept saying, you know, Denise said we were ready we could afford a home. Why can’t we do this why can’t we? So after about six, seven months we said you know what let’s go back to the nice and Richard, let’s have her look at our financials again. See if we were ready, you know, and so we did we went back to Denise and again she said no you can afford a home this is what you can do. And we happen to be in her office where we’re going over it and Dennis is on his phone and finds this house that we, we liked. We gave Richard a call. And was it that same day or the next day, it was, it was that day. That night like eight o’clock at night Richard says ”Come on, let’s go look at the house.” And we went and looked at it we really fell in love with it. And Richard just said, took the ball, and just found us, you know, gave us the best price that we could, we wound up getting it for much better than we thought. And Denise the whole time was like, Okay, this is what we need and she kept us updated, and it was such a pleasant experience that they almost felt like family to us, and they still feel like family to us. And in 30 days we’d closed on our house, and it was just the most wonderful thing we could experience.

Right, so I’m gonna start from the beginning. So right when we met these guys right off the bat, they were like, really nice with us. They made us feel very comfortable. You know, going back, we really didn’t think too much about calling them back because we, to be honest with you, we had never experienced same thing with, with a lender or a realtor. So, the guy we hired, one of the worst experience of our lives. I mean, I wouldn’t. That guy just really didn’t do very much for us, made us feel bad, made us feel really, really uncomfortable, really bad. So we always had Denise and Richard in our minds, so we decided to contact them and the rest is history. And I’m very very happy with the, with the results.

Thanks everybody for coming out today and I wish you guys many years of happiness with your new home. Thank you. Appreciate it.