Hello, thank you for tuning in to Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel. We’d appreciate it if you would like and subscribe to us. Today’s topic of interest is going be question seller’s need to ask themselves before they put their house on the market. First thing they need to ask themselves is where they’re moving to? Why are they moving?. Are you moving up to a bigger home? Are you downsizing, are you relocating because of a job? Two, when is your house going to be ready for market? And that’s important because it’s got to be photographed, it’s got to be staged and it’s got to be show ready. Three, what are the features of your house that’s going to help itself? You need to make notes, we need to be able to convey that to the general public. What are the features of the neighborhood that’s going to help it sell? Do you have award winning schools, ease of access to major highways, close to bars, restaurants entertainment? Those are all selling features. The next thing, are you going to interview agents? In interviewing agents, what are you looking for in the agent that is going to represent you. That’s important. You want somebody that’s on the same wavelength. And you need to ask them, what are your strategies to help market and sell this house? Another couple questions. If your house was sold tomorrow, do you have a plan, are you ready if that happens? Also, if it takes six months to sell, do you have a plan if it takes that long to sell the property? Do you have a  price structure in mind? And how motivated are you to sell your property? So those are just a couple tips. Hopefully that helps, Springs around the corner. If you have any questions or if you’d like to set up a meeting, please feel free to call us. You can reach us at 832-646-2886, or redlionrealtygroup.com. If you’re a buyer, we’re going to help you find the right home, for the right price, in the right timeframe. If you’re a seller, we’re going help you sell faster and for more money. We are a Seven Star Rated company from Broker Agent Advisor. We look forward to working with you.