Hello and thank you for tuning in to redline rotaries YouTube channel the topic of discussion today is going to be preparing your house for so we did five mistake sellers make a couple of weeks back, we had a huge response, a lot of people reached out to us and asked us for additional information. We’re going to start with landscaping in the front yard.

We want to make sure that the trees are cleaned out. A lot of times the trees are overgrown and you can’t see the front of the house, you want to make sure that they’re cleaned out groomed, or you want to have fresh mulch around them so you’re not looking at roots, you plant some fresh flowers you want to add a little bit of color to the property. You want to pressure wash the sidewalks fertilize and use an iron knight in the yard if you can, it depends on the time of year. If it’s summer through fall, iron night fertilization will give you a nice deep lush green color, and it’ll make your yard stand out. Take a look at the property painting.

If so, do it, it will save you money, because if it’s painted. It’s just one less thing for the buyer to complain about. or the inspector with rotten wood or anything, fresh paint Clark goes a long ways. The front door, that’s the area of the first impression when they walk in. Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Does it look faded, does it need fresh stain? You know, and again, just a little bit of money upfront will save you can make you money on the backside of it. Have a reference spectra roof. If there are any missing shingles, it can be tended to before the inspection if there’s any fashion that needs to be tended to, it can be tended to before the inspection. It’s gonna save you some headaches it’s gonna save you some money in the future as well.

Most roofing companies will do A free roof inspection, generally, they’re going to find a couple of hundred dollars worth of stuff, but it’ll stop the buyer for asking for a couple of thousand dollars worth of repairs. We appreciate you tuning in. If you would please like us, please subscribe to our channel. If you’re a buyer looking to purchase, we work the Katy Cypress West Houston area. We’re going to help you find the right property at the right price, and in the right timeframe, if you’re a seller.

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