Good morning and thank you for tuning into Red Lion Realty’s YouTube channel and today we’re here with Select Title to discuss what is the title company?

So a title company is an unbiased party to the transaction so we are here to clear title and to ensure that everybody who owns the property has signed their interest over to the new buyer. We’re guaranteeing that no one is going to knock on the door and saying, Hey, we have interest in this property so when you walk out of closing you are guaranteed that no one owns the property, other than you, and no one owes any money or to any other party, other than the loan that you’ve got on the property. So that’s our role in a transaction. Thanks Natalie.

What are some of the common issues that you see at a title company?

So some of the common issues that come about in a title is marital status. Marital status in Texas, we are community property state so if you weren’t married your spouse does need to sign off on their interest in some other parts of the country it’s not that way but Texas is unique to community, and so we always need to know whether you’re married, whether you’re single, or whether you’re divorced. We also need to review the divorce papers to make sure that the judge has granted you the property out of the divorce, and another item that is a big issue is whether somebody has passed in on the property who has own title so if your spouse has passed, we need to know if there will they let the will or if the will have been probated. So those are the two main issues that we always come across that we need communication on and to work out those final details.

What do we look for to make this smooth transaction?

Communication with y’all, the agent needs to communicate with us. Because you’re the ones that have talked to the buyers, have talked to the sellers and done all that seeing the property. And so you can fill us in on things that we need to know about to make sure it’s a smooth a transaction for you. Alright.

Thanks for tuning in. If you have any title questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Select Title, or you can email them. Or you can call them. Select Title our phone number is 832-356-3235, or you can email us at and that will come to all of us here in the office. We have an amazing team and we look forward to hearing from you.