Sellers, Red Lion Realty is going to give you a competitive advantage over our competitors. Our four objectives are going to be; Number one, to constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your property to potential buyers. Number two, to keep as many qualified buyers as possible into to your property until it’s sold. Number three, we’re going to communicate the results of our activities with you weekly. Number four, we’re going to assist in giving you the highest possible dollar value for the property with the least amount of problems. We’re going to try to keep it as seamless as possible, folks. The following, we have a 19 step plan of action for marketing your property. Number one, we’re going to use professional photos. Number two, professional signage. Number three, we’re going to develop a list of features and benefits for other agents and potential buyers to help market your property. Number four, we’re going to suggest and advise on changes that you need to make to the property to make it more marketable. Number five, we’re going to submit it to the Multiple Listing services, HAR, Zillow, Trulia etc. Number six, we’re going to send you a copy of the listing for your approval. Number seven, we’re going to distribute this to our sales staff so all the realtors that are on board will have a copy of your listing. Number eight, we’re going to send it to social medias, we’re going to put it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Nextdoor, Instagram. We’re going to blanket the social media market with your property. Number nine, we’re going to host open houses whenever possible. Number 10, we’re going to knock on your neighbor’s doors and invite them to the open house for private viewings. Number 11, we’re going to make you completely aware of all finance methods available for your property, whether it’s VA, FHA, Conventional or Seller Financing. Number 12, we’re going to market the property, if possible, with owner financing, no credit check. We work with investors that will purchase the property, and they’ll do a no credit check, seller finance which opens the door to a lot of potential buyers that can’t get traditional financing elsewhere. Number 13, we’re going to prequalify potential buyers whenever possible. Number 14, we’re going to follow up with agents that have shown the property, and we’re going to ask for feedback. Number 15, we’re going to constantly update you on market changes. Number 16, we can assist you with interim financing if necessary. We work with a multitude of lenders. Number 17, we’re going to represent you with presentation of all offers and help negotiate the best possible price in terms for your property. Number 18, we’re going to follow up, keep you informed after the offer has been accepted on inspections, appraisal, mortgage and title closing procedures, 19, SOLD, you get paid, Hooray! If you wouldn’t please reach out, we look forward to working with you, 832-646-2886. Thanks.